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NSCC/NLCC Barque Eagle Division   

Upcoming Events
July 7, 0830-1430:  Coast Guard Station
July 13-15:  Armada at Coast Guard Station
July 30, 0830-1430:  Coast Guard Station


Aug 4, 0830-1430:  Coast Guard Station
Aug 28, 0830-1430:  Coast Guard Station

Visit the Website Calendar for more details.

Community Project 2007
One area we are going to enhance is our participation in community events beyond parades and
occassional Color Guard duties.  Over the summer, all Cadets of Barque Eagle Division
are required to come up with a Community Project idea.  [read more...]

Recruit Training

Cadets will be deployed to Ft Indiantown Gap, PA:  June 24-July 7
For more information, visit training website:   http://www.geocities.com/figaptraining

Photo Gallery Updates
New pictures have been added to the photo gallery. If you have any pictures you'd like to add,
send them to webmaster@barque-eagle.org OR bring them to any drill.

Uniform Reminder
When you return your old uniforms. please make sure that they have been cleaned and pressed.   


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